Terms and Conditions

1. Renter's and driver's Age: At least 21 years old.
2. Driver's License: Driver must have a driving license already valid for at least 12 months.
3. Minimum Rental Period: One (1) day (24) hours. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/3 of the daily rate.
4. Renter: Must be a credit card owner.
5. Insurance: All authorized drivers of HERCULES are covered against fire and liability to third for death, injury or damage to property.
6. Additional Co-Driver Charge: 3 € per day.
7. Taxes: 24% tax is paid by the renter
8. Gasoline: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter
9. Refuelling Service Charge: 8 €
10. Shipping of Cars and Motos: Allowed only with written authorization by HERCULES.
11. Traffic Lines: Tickets and subsequent administration sanctions resulting from traffic violations during the rental period are at the renter's expense.